Dispatches from Wondermark Manor - PDF

Victorian adventure

— an era full of top-hatted intrigue, dirigibles galore, all-too-demure sensuality and completely unironic classism. Altogether too normal. Now there’s an antidote:

A rollicking, absurd, completely ridiculous humor novel from the author of the comic strip “Wondermark.”

An Arthur Conan Doyle-style turn-of-the-century adventure yarn as written by someone who has only ever heard of the Victorian era, and knows absolutely nothing about it, this tale brings together:

• Ghosts (of course)
• Airships
• High society intrigue
• Old men in salt barrels
• Horses that cannot fly
• Frightful moustaches aplenty
• Cheese handling as an artform
• General bad decisions, and
• Casual mass murder

All in a stunningly-designed package evocative of the grandest pulp style. Praised by many for its strangeness and wonder, is offered here in a 500-page omnibus edition, including all three volumes of the novels (previously available only as long-out-of-print chapbooks) a separate prologue (originally published in the book ) as well as three brand-new hand-drawn maps of the locales in the story.

Buy with confidence! This edition is guaranteed at least 48% opium-free by law.

To see if it’s something you might like, I’ve made the complete Volume 1 (i.e. the first 137 pages of the new book) available for free on Scribd. If you like it, and you want to read more, grab this complete edition for 363 more pages!

This complete edition is also available for Kindle, for Nook, and in print.
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Dispatches from Wondermark Manor - PDF

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