Wondermark Vol. 5: Friends You Can Ride On

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In times like these, we all need good friends. Here is a book featuring scores of pals, on strange misadventures for inscrutable reasons of their own, ready to keep you company through good times and bad. 

Collects over 500 comics, most in black & white, but several dozen of them newly colored – all about bad fonts, sad robots, excitable dodos, and how to eat Cheetos with chopsticks. Plus, dozens of pages of annotations, bonus art, and previously unpublished material.


  • 500+ Wondermark comic strips
  • Index of Supernatural Collective Nouns
  • Sciences Comparison Chart
  • Table of Implements for Tricky Foods
  • The Exploits of Jordan Damascus
  • Epitaphs Available for Immediate Use
  • Cold War Sexting
  • Guest Comics by the Author & Esteemed Colleagues
  • The Nominally-Essential Tinkerers’ Handbook
  • Artwork Created for Private Parties
  • The Genre-Fiction Generator 2000
  • Previously Unpublished Comics
  • An Adventure in Stereo-Vision
  • A Selection of Instructional Guides
  • Appendix of Topical References & Annotations
  • Index of Last Lines
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$6 $0+

Wondermark Vol. 5: Friends You Can Ride On

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